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Celestial Seasonings (on being JUish)

Celestial Seasonings (on being JUish)


Updike found a nuance in the New Testament that he saw as sorely lacking in the Old. His theology made explicit in his last days may be responsible for the embargo of his final work (until2029) on the foundations of Christianity and the militant theology of Saint Paul (whom he concluded got it right).

Updike annoyed covenanted Jew and author Cynthia Ozick by implying that Judaism (in Kafkas case) might be admirably transcended. The difference between the Lords treatment of the woman at the well in the New Testament and Lots wife in the Old Testament speaks volumes.

The former was treated as a pillar of her community, the latter would become a  pillar of salt.  This begs a difficult question. Is Faith by its very natureexclusive? Can beliefs that are not merely divergent but polar opposite be reconciled in our deepest natures? Here we plead confusion or often present allegorical dilution.

As Updike put it To be [judged] sane, is to a great extent to be sociable


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