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Was John Lennon a Secret Reaganite? I think the message is that Lennon was surprisingly non-partisan, always questioning, and adjusting. Some say he was impossible. I was always deeply touched by him.  Paul Moran


This post is not intended to say anything negative about John Updike, John Lennon or Doris Day..Just wonder whether its true that there was anything such as a Doris Day Tripper and how Doris Day keeps being referenced by Lennon.not that there is anything wrong with that. Paul Moran

We smoked pot, wore dashikis and love beads and frugged ourselves into a lather while the Beatles and Janis Joplin sang away on the hi-fi set.- John Updike

A dentist in London…laid it [first LSD pills] on George, me and our wives [Cynthia Powell Lennon and Patty Boyd Harrison] without telling us at a dinner party at his house [in London]… And then, well, we just decided to take it again in California…We were on tour, in one of those houses, like Doris Days house or wherever it was we used to stay. And the three of us took it. Ringo, George and I. I think maybe Neil [Aspinall, a roadie]. And a couple of the Byrds…[David] Crosby and the other guy, who used to be the leader…[Roger] McGuinn. I think they came round, I’m not sure, on a few trips.

-John Lennon from the Rolling Stone Interview


In his autobiography, Papa John, Phillips tells of an invitation he received to join Terry Melcher (Doris Days son) and Beach Boy member Dennis Wilson, at Wilsons mansion. Wilson said, This guy Charlies here with all these great-looking chicks. He plays guitar and hes a real wild guy. He has all these chicks hanging out like servants. You can come over and just screw any of them you want. Its a great party. John Phillips


Shes a big teaser, she took me half the way there.IT TOOK ME SOOOO LONG TO FIND OUT..BUT I FOUND OUT – Day Tripper by the Beatles

Doris Day was cast as the “perpetual virgin,” a perception she did not necessarily attempt to dispel, despite the fact that it frequently made her the object of ridicule and derision. The noted pianist and wry wit, Oscar Levant, considering his relationship with her, once quipped, “I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.”


You and me Sunday driving, not arriving on our way back and me burning matches, lifting latches (Opening the Doors of Perception?).on our way home. You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead. Two of Us -The Beatles

She was a Day tripper Sunday driver yea- The Beatles

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Dave played one song that Doris Day had popularized and when someone snickered as he introduced it Dave said, “Don’t undercut Doris. She was right there with Sly back in the day.” we weren’t sure if we heard him right so after the show Peggi and I asked him after the show if he said  “Sly”. He said, Oh yeah. She was right there, hanging with Sly, doing LSD, the whole trip.    

On the intersection of Doris Day, Sly Stone, Charles Manson,Terry Melcher (who was targeted by the Manson family), and the song Que Sera Sera (which was a hit for Day and a song Stone covered on his album, Fresh. Sly Stone Interview:

CD: You were signed to Epic, right? And Terry Melcher was [Doris Day’s} son, and an A&R guy at Columbia.

SS: Right. He’d come over and be at my house, and I’d go over to his house. And sometimes Charles Manson would be there.

CD: He was trying to get signed by Terry, right?

SS: Well, he was going to kill Terry. That’s what he was going to do.

CD: I don’t think Terry knew that yet, right?

SS: Yeah, I think he did.

CD: Really? He was afraid of him?

SS: Yeah, he knew. He knew he was going to do something to him. But I didn’t know any of this.

CD: Wow. So you were at Doris Day’s house?

SS: Yeah, I started going over there to play songs until this guy’d [Manson] come in, and wed have a little disagreement and Id win. (laughs.) I didnt have any idea who it was til later on.


aclkThe Sixties were a time of revolution—political, social, psychedelic, sexual. But there was another revolution that many historians forget: the rise of a powerful current that permeated pop culture and has been a central influence on it ever since—the revival of the occult. Beliefs that were previously ridiculed took center stage—in the music of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, in films like “Rosemary’s Baby,” and on the bookshelves, with Lord of the Rings, The Tarot, and theTibetan Book of the Dead becoming best–sellers. Astrology, kabala, hippies, yogis, witchcraft, Satanism, drugs, UFOs—they all became the common currency they are today. But when Sixties liberationism met the occult—as it did with the Manson murders—it was often with sordid consequences. In Turn Off Your Mind, Gary Lachman delves deep into the dark heart of the mystical Sixties. The author, as Gary Valentine, was a founding member of the hit music group Blondie. He’s now a writer and literary critic for publications that include MOJO, THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT and THE LITERARY REVIEW. This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From Amazon

 Mold produced LSD occurring in Grain such as Oats may have been cause of Salem Witchcraft hysteria

:The ergot sclerotium contains high concentrations (up to 2% of dry mass) of the alkaloid ergotamine, a complex molecule consisting of a tripeptide-derived cyclol-lactam ring connected via amide linkage to a lysergic acid (ergoline) moiety, and other alkaloids of the ergoline group that are biosynthesized by the fungus.[7] Ergot alkaloids have a wide range of biological activities including effects on circulation and neurotransmission.[8]

Ergot alkaloids can be classified into two classes:

  1. derivatives of 6,8-dimethylergoline and
  2. lysergic acid derivatives.[9]           = ERGOT Wikipedia


John Lennons introduction (I Dig A Pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids. Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats) spoken during the 21 January session at Apple Studios was added later, from a tape of studio chatter assembled on 27 March. How many Doris can u think of?

This may sound strange.but everytime I heard John say those words, I thought of Doris Day.-P         Democratic Post
Charles Haughtry was in the British Carry On film series in the 1960s and 1970s.
Getting your oats does mean getting sex (UK anyway) but I think John just came up with some nonsense on the spot.

My husband Cary Grant force-fed me LSD and it nearly killed me

Cary Grant and Doris Day