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John Updike’s Birthday
John Updike's Birthday



A Toast to the Visible World: Remembering John Updike  By David Updike


JU Boy and his Dog

“Christianity isn’t looking for a rainbow. If it were … we’d pass out opium at services. We’re trying to serve God, not be God” .

– John Updike

JU Hoops

And in fact there is a color, a quiet but tireless goodness that things at rest, like a brick wall or a small stone, seem to affirm.”

 – John Updike

JU Skating

We “skate upon an intense radiance we do not see because we see nothing else” – John Updike

I beseech you to look


Mary 74

Mary, June 10, 74      John Updikes first wife Mary had Chicago roots

His Book


“Cosmically, I seem to be of two minds. The power of materialist science to explain everything — from the behavior of the galaxies to that of molecules, atoms and their sub-microscopic components — seems to be inarguable and the principal glory of the modern mind. On the other hand, the reality of subjective sensations, desires and — may we even say — illusions, composes the basic substance of our existence, and religion alone, in its many forms, attempts to address, organize and placate these. I believe, then, that religious faith will continue to be an essential part of being human, as it has been for me.” John Updike