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How to Lower Air Conditioning Costs

How to Lower Air Conditioning Costs

1.Close the Blinds

Closing the blinds and curtains on south-facing windows will help keep your home at a consistent temperature. South-facing window are major source of heat gain during day—especially those that receive direct sunlight, as they tend to let more light in than other orientations do . Simply closing these shades when it’s sunny out can make all the difference between having an okay day inside versus being miserable!

2.Run Ceiling Fans

Turning on the ceiling fan is a great way to keep cool in summer. The moving air helps evaporate sweat, which produces an evaporation effect for your body! In addition, turning these fans off when not needed will save energy and money from using electricity or gas-powered cooling systems.

3.Seal Leaks

Just like a plumbing leak will cause your water bill to skyrocket, other leaks around the house can increase air conditioning costs. Gaps in areas such as where siding meets foundation or gaps around doors and windows should be filled with weather stripping/caulk if there’s an obvious problem area so cool indoor air doesn’t escape when you place hand near edges of these surfaces while outside

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