The Other John Updike Archive


In 1977, my obsessions were a pastiche of art, punk rock, conservationism, Yippie politicsand Roxy Music. When I was an art student I was arrested along with 1413 people.  We occupied the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant and were arrested en masse.

I refused to post one hundred dollars bail and remained locked up in the Dover NH Armory for 14 days until they released those of us remaining and threw the case out of court.  That’s me in the photograph in the white tee shirtthe space between NO and Nukes.

I am still committed to environmental ecology and see The Kula Art Project as a meditation on what we keep and what we throw away. I am excited about the development of a new art form based upon the ideas contained in the book: The Thing Itself by Richard Todd, and Proust’s Overcoat by Lorenza Foschini.  Of course my biggest influence for this project is John Updike for his visual acuity and appreciation of the inherent power of ordinary objects and everyday life.

The artist brings something into the world that didnt exist before, and he does it without destroying something else.                                -John Updike